Calling on Gov. DeSantis to Remove Florida’s Commissioner of Education- Manny Diaz Jr

Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr.’s tenure as Florida’s Commissioner of Education has demonstrated a troubling deviation from the core mission of the Department of Education: to ensure that students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through meaningful learning experiences. This deviation is not just a bureaucratic misstep; it’s a betrayal of public trust.

This atmosphere of uncertainty was exacerbated by the College Board’s recommendation for Florida districts to refrain from offering certain courses. Rather than addressing the root issues that led to such a recommendation, Commissioner Diaz deflected blame in his letter to Florida superintendents, placing it at the feet of the College Board. His failure to clarify the ambiguity surrounding potential penalties for teachers only deepens the crisis of confidence in his leadership.

Moreover, there’s an undeniable lapse in planning and foresight. The fact that laws were passed and then standards are being redefined over a year later to align with these laws indicates a profound misalignment in educational governance. Shouldn’t a Commissioner of Education have foreseen this mismatch and advised legislators and the governor accordingly?

Lastly, a more sinister concern emerges: Is Commissioner Diaz prioritizing political aspirations over the welfare of Florida’s students? By seeming to align more with a political agenda, and a political candidate whose commitment to Florida is in question, he appears to be sidelining the genuine concerns of the educational community. This apparent subordination of students’ educational needs to personal or political gains is not just a dereliction of duty; it’s a betrayal.

As a stark reminder, Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. has overseen the following during his tenure:

  • Moving more state funds toward for-profit private schools and charter management companies and reducing funding for our public education system.
  • The problematic revision of our history standards equates enslaved people’s self-defense actions and liberation efforts to the brutal violence of their enslavers. Additionally, these revisions inaccurately suggest that enslaved individuals benefited from their own subjugation.
  • The marginalization of LGBTQ+ students, educators, and community members by endorsing traditional gender ideologies. This approach negatively affects all social science and history courses.
  • The decision to exclude Advanced Placement options like AP African American Studies and AP Psychology from state course offerings.
  • The refusal to acknowledge systemic oppression is exemplified by the enactment of the ‘Stop WOKE Act’.

In light of these concerns, for the sake of Florida’s students, educators, and parents, it’s clear that Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. should reconsider his position and step down. The integrity of our educational system depends on leadership that’s unwavering in its commitment to genuine learning and the welfare of students above all else.

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