I was interviewed for Fox News

I just finished an interview with Fox News on Florida’s new civics education rules. After analyzing the experience, I want to make some things clear — not about the interview itself, but the reason I agreed to interview in the first place. 

I don’t want to be famous and don’t aspire to be a household name — it’s not who I am. I started doing TikTok videos to help educate people and meeting them where they, rather than trying to change them. My goal has always been the same — to bring about change in our society so that everyday people, who may not have the time to do the research, know what is really going on.

When I was approached by Heather Lacy from Fox News to interview on the controversy over Florida’s new African-American Studies rules, I knew it was important that an everyday mom like me have the courage to speak up and explain live and on camera. Why? Because we CANNOT be afraid.  Because we need to have the courage to confront political pirates like Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice who are parading around as everyday moms but in reality are failed politicians with an agenda that prioritizes anything BUT our children. I don’t want to run for office and I certainly wasn’t looking to get on camera. 

I am just a mom who has no other choice because my children’s future is more important to me than ANYTHING ELSE. 

As an important aside: I did speak with people in the Black community when formulating my talking points. I don’t ever want to be seen as an expert on the Black experience, because I am not Black and I can never speak on what they have suffered — not now, not ever. So I reached out to friends and asked how they felt. I asked to be educated — ironically, the one thing we are all fighting for. 

UPDATE: Here’s the segment that was shown on Fox.

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