Misrepresentation in Spanish Media

Wednesday, August 16th was the Teach No Lies march hosted by the Miami Center for Racial Justice. Not only was this march a success, but it received a ton of press coverage from both English and Spanish media. Most of the media was positive and was covered appropriately, except for one, which showcases just how badly misrepresentation in Spanish media is here is Miami. Watch the video below to understand the issue.


Spanish Media continually misrepresents the truth and with this they instill fear in spanish speakers of Democrats and what is going on in local news to the point that they misrepresented a march on travhing the truth of slavery with p0rn in libraries. #Miami #Misinformation #Media #Republicans #democrats

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As if this above wasn’t bad enough, Maria Fernanda Lopez from Univision did comment on the video on my Instagram. On my Instagram she commented in Spanish, but she was busy commenting to several other people who had also commented on the misrepresentation in English.

She did upload on her Instagram the 6pm story, where it was covered a little better, but then they went and still put a small segment towards the end on censorship using the book “Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex Relationship, and Being Human”. She personally takes huge offense to that book, and I don’t want to go too into the weeds on the book itself, but for a quick synopsis, it’s basically a high school comprehensive sex education class in a book. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with it. But again, I’m digressing.

So watch this video to see what they did.


@univision and Maria Fernanda Looez has decided to silently take videos down instead of issuing an apology or retraction for their horrible coverage of the #TeachNoLies March, but we are paying attention. Misinformation. #Lies

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We would like to ask that you write a letter to the editor at Univision and let them know that they need to make this right. It is not right that they should misrepresent the march in this way, when the issue of book banning had nothing to do with the march on teaching African American History and what happened during slavery correctly.

Letter to the Producer

Write a letter to the Executive Producer Luisana Rios at lriospaiva@univision.net and ask them to apologize for the original story and for continually combining African American History with book banning and the topic of pornography in schools.

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