Recap: June 21st School Board Meeting

At the June 21st School Board meeting, Dr, Steve Gallon introduced an agenda item titled Review of Policy 2510 and Procedures for Instructional Materials Review, Challenge and Removal. There was a massive turnout of people to talk both during the Public Hearing time as well as on the actual Agenda Item.

Below you can watch one of Moms for Libros co-founders, Lissette, speak at the School Board meeting. She was one of many.

This won’t be the first or last time we speak out. This agenda item may be back on the agenda in August, so we will need to be back and continue to speak out against this politically motivated censorship in our schools. I think we should continue to show up to all school board meetings and make ourselves known, not just when something happens. We need to show the school board members that as parents, we are fed up with ONE parent making decisions for the rest of us.

School Board Next Steps

The next Miami Dade School Board meeting will be on July 19th. Coincidentally, the state board is also meeting in Orlando that morning, and they will be reviewing several rules of importance to teachers and parents. We will place links to the agenda when it becomes available in our School Board Resources page, so you’re armed with all the information you need for that meeting.

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